Better still, pictures showing numbers. Here is a photo I will always be proud of. And here’s just another gratuitous tyre smoke photograph. Because #EVmuscle. Thanks once again to everyone with a sticker on the side of my car. All of you have been instrumental in the Flux Capacitor Enfield getting this far and performing […]


World record Flux Capacitor

THE WORLD’S QUICKEST STREET LEGAL EV IS…………….2.84 metres long, yellow and often mistaken for a Reliant Kitten. I can barely believe it myself, but the Flux Capacitor Enfield 8000 is the world’s quickest (and possibly fastest) electric car with an MoT and tax. At this weekend’s Santa Pod raceway Dragstalgia event we altered the rear […]

Flux Capacitor now faster than a McLaren 650S


I first ran the Enfield back in March while filming a new forthcoming BBC Worldwide TV series called Motorheads. The weather was cold (sub 10 degrees) at Santa Pod and we were carrying a passenger in the shape of my co-presenter Tom Wookie Ford. It ran consistent early 11s, – not bad given the weather […]



The Enfield 8000 Flux Capacitor rolled into 2016 having reached a 10 second quarter mile as a street car that’s totally useable for average journeys. From taking my daughter to school in it to completing the mandatory 26-mile street cruise around Northamptonshire to qualify for the Street Eliminator drag race category (where if you break […]

Retro EV burnout: the Flux Cap’s filthy habit

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Retro EV burnout: the Flux Cap’s filthy habit Electric vehicles are quiet, smokeless and clean, right? Well, not the Flux Capacitor, which has a filthy, smelly habit. Voted the most impressive burnout at Car Fest against cars with, you know, actual engines, we thought it would be fun to set some of the highlights to […]

Bobby’s Fully Charged!

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A massive thanks to Mr Red Dwarf EV evangelist Robert Llewellyn, who came to my place for a chat and drive in the Flux Capacitor. Judging by the giggles I think he enjoyed himself. Some tyres were harmed in the making of this video… Special thanks to Nicky boy Farrow at for always being […]

Behold! Europe’s Quickest Street Legal EV

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Apologies for going quiet on the blog recently. If you’ve been following me via Twitter (@carpervert) you may know that since late April the Flux Capacitor became track-worthy and ready for shakedown. Here is what happened when I first got behind the wheel after 3 years of getting the Flux Cap to this level. Be […]

I’m all about the baseline

The Enfield 8000 is now up to full fighting kerb weight. The light is glinting at the end of the tunnel. Baseline time, which basically means setting up the car to a decent standard ready for some shakedowns.  And who better to do this than the man who built the cage, suspension and chassis mods […]

Batts outta heaven!

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally. Here is the completed battery pack for the Flux Capacitor as made by Hyperdrive Innovations using Kokam lithium-ion cells. Last blog I tried to show the immense effort taken to build batteries capable of delivering 370 volts, 600kW, 2000+ amps, 1003hp, 1100lbft that weigh less than 150kg. Well, here you go. I still can’t […]

Building the perfect batts

BEHOLD, the Flux Capacitor is days away from getting powered up. This is significant milestone in my project, because of the reasons I’ve mentioned in previous blogs about sourcing the appropriate spec battery cells for a road legal EV dragster. The first big challenge was to find the cells that would withstand the discharge rates […]